A Fashion Feng Shui Quiz to Determine Your Primary Essence

(by Feng Shui Expert, Christine Bove– as seen in the March/April issue of Nearly Naked Magazine.}

In our last blog post we interviewed Feng Shui expert, Christine Bove, to learn more about Fashion Feng Shui ® and how we can use it to create our own unique style.

Now that you know what Fashion Feng Shui ® is, lets determine your primary essence to get clear on your true self as it relates to your style.

thumbnail (12)What is your style? Everyday we are inundated with images and ideas about society’s values on style, from the size of our body to how we dress our body. If you don’t fit into the mold that society projects you can be left feeling left out or worse, worthless.

This happens because we lack confidence in who we are and our own style. We might be holding on to old beliefs about how we should look or what we should wear. It’s time to let go of what isn’t working and define our style and begin to live in it.

Take the Fashion Feng Shui® quiz to determine your primary essence – Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, or Metal.



Fashion Feng Shui Quiz

1.) What type of workout do you enjoy

a) yoga, tai chi, chi-gong

b) running, sports, cross training

c) pole dancing, Zumba, belly dancing

d) walking, Jazzercise, gardening

e) pilates, body sculpting, power yoga

2) What pastime activities do you engage in most?

a) reading, writing, painting, meditating

b) outdoor activities, motivating, self improvement

c) fun, amusement parks, dancing, parties

d) sewing, baking, gardening, shopping for antiques

e) museums, hosting parties, shopping, travel

3) Where is your ideal vacation spot or favorite activity?

a) yoga, meditation or spiritual retreat

b) adventure outdoor trip

c) exotic islands filled with fun and dancing

d) family oriented

e) upscale European, museums, historic places

4) What do you value?

a) freedom, quiet time, no schedules

b) action and growth, improving your self and starting something new

c) personal connection and having fun

d) tradition and a sense of community

e) independence, excellence and order, organization and beauty

5) What is your ideal career (whether you are currently in this or not)?

a) creative artist, writer, musician, singer, healer

b) entrepreneur, coach, motivational speaker, lawyer, teacher

c) entertainer, comedic actress, pop singer, PR gal

d) caretaker/nurse, social worker, therapist, mom

e) organizer, leader, speaker, spokesperson, CEO

6) What is your preferred environment?

a) quiet and serene for contemplation and deep thinking

b) outdoors and active

c) fun places filled with people, parties, nightclubs, fun parks

d) family oriented, traditional, dinners, golf clubs, community groups, kitchens

e) upscale or refined, museums,concert halls, ballet

7) What’s most important to you in your style?

a) to have a unique look

b) casual, move freely in your clothes

c) making a statement, sexy,

d) comfort, practical and classic

e) perfect fit, high quality and polished

8) You absolutely have to…?

a) do your own thing

b) have to get your daily exercise

c) have to have fun

d) have to be practical

e) have to be organized

9) You are the happiest when…?

a) you are alone

b) you are getting things done

c) you are with people

d) you are helping others

e) you are creating beauty and order

10) What are some of your favorite stores?

a) Anthropologie, Lucky Brand

b) Athleta or Lulu Lemon

c) Kenneth Cole, Victoria’s Secret

d) Gap, Talbots, Ann Taylor

e) Donna Karan, Bloomingdales

So which Fashion Feng Shui® Essence are you?  

You may find that you have two, but one will be more dominant.   Check back tomorrow to see what primary essence is!

Did you miss our last post? Get it here!

What did you think of our quiz?

Did many of the questions and answers relate to you?

We would love to hear from you!

Please share your comments below.


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