all natural sunscreen

All Natural Sunscreen for a Healthy Lifestyle

By Erik Kreider, Founder of Kabana Skin Care all natural sunscreen

Although many of us view skin as an external part of our bodies, the truth is skin is your largest organ and much of what you put on it actually is absorbed through it and can bioaccumulate, contaminating your organs, tissue and nervous systems.

This problem arises from the fact that nearly all mass marketed personal and skin care products utilize petrochemical ingredients that have no biochemical similarity to the naturally occurring biochemical building blocks that your body uses every day to maintain your health and well being.

In fact, chemicals that are not naturally present in your body affects your normal physiology and chemistry in harmful ways; even if that harm is relatively subtle, it certainly adds up over the decades you choose to use your ‘favorite’ personal care products.

Just as you wouldn’t want to ingest chemicals that aren’t nutritious, the same applies for your skin as it is an extremely permeable and sensitive organ. It’s generally unknown that absorption of synthetic chemicals through your skin is actually more dangerous than eating them, because basic human anatomy has a very effective first line of defense for toxic chemicals in your diet – it’s the liver!Skin Care Healthy Lifestyle

“Everything that is absorbed through [your skin] automatically gets absorbed into your blood to be circulated throughout your entire body!”

Exposure through your skin is one of the worst ways to absorb unnaturally occurring chemicals based on this basic human anatomy, yet mass marketed personal care products regularly cause massive contamination.

Transdermal chemical exposure increases oxidative damage and degrades the processes that maintain your body’s state of beauty and health, leading to metabolic dysfunction, disease, cancer and ultimately earlier than natural death.

Personal care products contain myriad chemistries – just look at the ingredient lists! And there are just as many chemistries that should be avoided, but if there’s one class you should choose to eliminate, the highest dosage chemicals are the petrochemical active ingredients present in sunscreens.

Want to learn more about why many sunscreens are dangerous and toxic to your your health?

Find out by reading the full article by Erik Kreider in the October/November issue on page 58 of Nearly Naked Magazine.

all natural sunscreen

Note from Crista:

Do you use all natural sunscreen or do you have other all natural products that you love? I would love to hear your comments! Share your comments below.

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