How to Create a Pinterest Holiday Wish List

3 Easy & Fun Ways To Get What You Really Want This Holiday Season

9bc3e811204388d477cb527a07c361e0The easiest way to get what you really want for the holidays is… to just ask. It’s that simple. Trying to determine what to buy for people can be stressful, so leaving some helpful hints or even better, a wish list, is a win-win for everyone.

You get something you really want, and they save a lot of time and stress while feeling good knowing you will love their gift.Many websites have wishlists built-in, but if you want products from multiple sites, it can be a little overwhelming to create, save, and share so many wishlists.

Want a really simple and FUN way to create and share a singular wish list that has all your favorite products from any number of sites?

Create and share a Pinterest Wish List in 3 quick and easy steps.

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Being Sexy and Confident Starts with You!

By Nearly Naked Magazine’s Fitness Expert, Anna Price-– as seen in the October/November 2013 issue of Nearly Naked Magazine

10-28-2013 12-06-23 PMRecently, I asked a client why it was important that she get in shape now, and she surprisingly said, “I know the right answer is because I want to feel strong and healthy, and live long enough to see my grandkids grow up…blah, blah, blah.

Don’t get me wrong, this is important to me, but what I *really* need right now is to look great naked.

I just started dating again, and I really like this guy, but I’m dreading the moment he sees me naked for the first time.”

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october fall foliage

October Fall Foliage-Photography by Jeremy Pollack

In certain parts of the country, October fall foliage brings us stunning and gorgeous colors.   October is associated with fall in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring in Southern Hemisphere.   Through the eyes of Photographer Jeremy Pollack, Fat Frog Photography, we are able to see how stunning October can truly be.

One of the most notable aspects of Fall are the gorgeous colors of the Fall foliage in New England.   Mid-Late October is when you can see most of the peak foliage and when the green leaves become overtaken with pockets of brilliant color. Read more

Loving Your Body Starts by Learning to Love Yourself

by Nearly Naked Magazine Health and Wellness Expert, Wendy Darling
as seen in the October/November 2013 Issue of Nearly Naked Magazine

loving your bodyIf you were to take off your clothes, look at yourself in the mirror (nearly) naked… would you FEEL?  What thoughts would you have?

It hurts my heart how many people have become overly self-conscious about their bodies.  First, there is WAY too much attention being placed on the way a body ‘should’ look in our society.  The media is constantly bombarding us with images of a singular body type (with the rare exception of companies like Dove’s campaign for ‘real’ women).

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Inspirational Woman- Burgandy Viscosi

At Nearly Naked, we believe an inspirational woman is one who leads by example, and inspires others to make their own way in this world doing the work that they love.  We wanted to introduce you to a truly inspiring women, Burgandy Viscosi; a painter, visionary, and soul-centered creative woman.  We interviewed her to learn more about her amazing and inspirational journey.

inspirational womenLet’s start with your story.  Who are you, as a person, as an artist, as the beautiful and intriguing Burgandy Viscosi?

In 1999 I was in a car accident that changed my life. I had a 6 month recovery time, and it was then that I learned to paint. First I used it as tool to help me not fall into depression. Painting beautiful pictures helped remove my focus of my broken body.

At 19, with a broken face and walking with a walker was a very difficult reality to face, especially in a society that is heavily focused on woman’s beauty. So the first painting I painted during my recovery was a beautiful face. Even if at that moment I couldn’t be beautiful, I create it… And low and behold that saved me.

I healed day by day…

Today being an artist is such a huge part of me, but it is the process of the craft that teaches me how to create and express daily within this world. That is the real art I strive to master during my experience in this life, in this body called Burgandy.

inspirational womenWe all can think back on defining moments that brought about transformational change in our lives. What were your defining moments?

I honestly feel that there are moments that recreate me very often. Most of these moments are the ones that are the most uncomfortable, or feel as though you are breaking. Be the most thankful for those, for if you handle them with ease and grace they will be the exact experiences that give you the opportunity to recreate yourself into the human being you would like to be. Only when you are pulled apart can you restructure yourself. Live in gratitude for those and all moments coming to you. You have summoned them for one reason or another.

inspirational women

What is it that you love so much about painting?

I’ve chosen painting as my medium, not because it was easy but rather because it’s truly a challenge for me. I remain interested in it because mastering all of its possibilities is endless. So changing styles or trying new techniques renews my excitement every time.

It truly is about the process. Deep inside, finding the flow… That is the gold.

inspirational womenDo you see yourself as an artist, creative entrepreneur, or both?

I do see myself as an artist, which includes many different titles. I do often interpret people’s visions into something I can actually form with paint onto the canvas. But most importantly I love to sit down with people and ask them what their highest goals and dreams are, and create an image like a mandala they can use daily.

This image will serve as a reminder for their direction, working both on our conscious and unconscious mind. The goal is to have people graduate their paintings.

inspirational women

You get asked to do some pretty amazing things in some beautiful places.  Tell us about how you work, and how people find you and commission paintings?

The process of my work’s direction is very organic. I do set intentions about who I would like to become as an artist and person. Then an intuition comes, sometimes delivered through my thoughts or directed to me through a person.

Listen closely.

They are always being gifted to you if you choose to accept your good. Seems so easy, but truly acceptance is the only challenge. Once you know you deserve all life has to offer you, it is there ready for you.

inspirational womenOne of things I love about what you do is that you make time to have fun, spend time with friends, and truly enjoy every experience. How do you balance this so you still have time to paint?

I think one of my biggest daily goals is to incorporate my social and personal life into my creative life. I do understand this may be the exact business model some try to avoid, but for me I feel that my best clients are my best of friends.

My daily interactions are about creating in all forms. Your ‘work’ in this world then becomes what you are. Not trying to sell anything, but rather knowing that being the best of yourself in every situation is actually our only true job in this experience we call life.

If you do this, all the rest will take care of itself on your behalf. Matter is waiting for you to direct it in the highest form of order you can comprehend. One step at a time.

Where do you see yourself in the future? Inpirational women

As for the rest of my year, it’s a full one. I am in London currently, slowly working my way to Burgundy France. I am in the moment in my life when I am contemplating marriage and children, and if that will be part of my path. So I am taking a moment to visit Burgundy, and symbolically be still with my soul. And ask the bigger questions.

I plan on doing a residential mural in London, and one in Paris along my path. I fly back to the states in November and marry a couple in Kaui, then work on illustrating a children’s book in Hawaii. Hopefully to be in Texas by December to see my family for the holidays.

A loose sketch of how I would like the future to look…

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all natural sunscreen

All Natural Sunscreen for a Healthy Lifestyle

By Erik Kreider, Founder of Kabana Skin Care all natural sunscreen

Although many of us view skin as an external part of our bodies, the truth is skin is your largest organ and much of what you put on it actually is absorbed through it and can bioaccumulate, contaminating your organs, tissue and nervous systems.

This problem arises from the fact that nearly all mass marketed personal and skin care products utilize petrochemical ingredients that have no biochemical similarity to the naturally occurring biochemical building blocks that your body uses every day to maintain your health and well being.

In fact, chemicals that are not naturally present in your body affects your normal physiology and chemistry in harmful ways; even if that harm is relatively subtle, it certainly adds up over the decades you choose to use your ‘favorite’ personal care products.

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soaps to live by

Soaps to Live By- Organic & Inspirational Soaps for Healthy Natural Skin Care

We recently came across a great natural skin care company called Soaps To Live By– organically made soaps with inspirational messages.  We  interviewed Andreea Ayers, founder of Soaps to Live By, to learn how she came up with the idea, and more about this unique line of natural soaps.

Andreea Ayers What was your inspiration for the Soaps To Live By line?

I have always wanted to have a soap company – actually, it was one of the first business ideas that I had. However, I knew that in order to have a successful soap company and to differentiate myself I would need some really great packaging and also to do something different and to be honest, I couldn’t think of anything to do to differentiate my soaps.

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A Lifestyle Makeover Starts with Your Closet

by Nearly Naked Magazine Feng Shui Expert, Christine Bove, as seen in the October/November 2013 issue of Nearly Naked Magazine Feng Shui Your Closet

What are the benefits of cleaning out your closet? In Feng Shui your closet represents your subconscious mind. Sound scary? I know, and the most significant closet of all is your wardrobe closet.

You know, the one that you visit everyday with great joy or great fear? You can learn a lot about a person by just looking in their closet.  Whether it is cluttered or organized, your closet needs to be reviewed seasonally and especially around life changes.

In Feng Shui, the energy of your space is either supporting or draining you. So, as you set out to make changes in your life from career, health, wealth and love, you always want to check in with your closet. Are the clothes in the closet supporting your new goals? Is there space for that new you? Do you have outfits for every occasion:  Fun, sexy, work clothes, work out clothes and big events?

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Glamour + Metal Documentary Coming Soon

Are you ready to take a ride with the GlamourMetal gals?  We film our Glamour + Metal Documentary in NYC on 9/12!

This is just the beginning to your success in personal branding.

So what is personal branding and why should you find it important?

Personal Branding is how you present yourself to the world, your reputation, personal style, and how you choose to show up every day in life.  It also has to do with how people react to you, why others may hire you, and how abundance is attracted into your life.

In The Glamour + Metal Documentary we will be exploring lots of the topics we discuss in the quiz. Read more