Wanderlust Photo Spotlight ~ Photography of Trinidad

Trinidad is one of 2 islands that comprise the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.  It is located in the Caribbean near Venezuela.  It is home to lush rain forests, beautiful beaches, caves and hidden waterfalls, and the world’s largest turtles, the leather back sea turtles.  It is a perfect location for travel and adventure.

Through the eyes of Photographer Jeremy Pollack, Fat Frog Photography, we are able to see how  beautiful Trinidad truly is.

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Gemstone Feature- Diamond (Birthstone for April)

Diamond, one of the most sought-after precious gemstones, is the birthstone for April and also the official gemstone for 60th wedding anniversaries.

Known as the stone that brings love and clarity these gorgeous gemstones are also believed to detoxify the body, rebalance the metabolism, build stamina, enhance strength and treat dizziness and vertigo.

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