2013 Year in Review and a Look Ahead at 2014

It’s hard to believe that 2014 is already here!

I love the beginning of a brand new year.  Even though January 1st is really no different than any other day of the year, there is just so much energy and excitement at the start of a new year and such a feeling of possibility.

Can you feel it?

Part of starting and planning a new year is reflecting back on the past year- what went really well, and what didn’t.   I always come up with a word or theme for each year.  It helps me prioritize and keeps me focused.

My word/theme for 2014 is Celebration but before I jump ahead to the year to come, let’s start with a look back at our 2013 year in review.  What a year it was!

2013 Year in Review

The Journey

For 2013 my word was Focus.

By the end of 2012, I knew that I was doing WAY too much so I took a good hard look at my business(es) and realized it was time to get super focused and drop a lot of things.

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2013 Holiday Gift Guide- Gifts for Yourself

gifts for yourselfWe all buy something for ourselves when holiday shopping,
after all that’s half the fun of gift shopping!

So, why not treat yourself to a luxurious gift that will make
you feel sexy, confident, and beautiful, while showing off your
unique trendsetting style?

Best of all, your special someone will love it too, so it’s like a
gift for both of you all in one.

From the beach, to the club, to the bedroom, you’ll never want
to take off this sexy and alluring jewelry and you’ll wonder how
you ever lived without it!


Below are the perfect Gifts for Yourself this Holiday Season.

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December Birthstone- Blue Topaz

december birthstone

Blue Topaz is the primary birthstone for December.
It is the 4th anniversary gemstone and also the state gemstone of Texas.


The actual blue topaz is rare. The original source of
blue topaz is either colorless, light yellow or grey.  The dark blue tone is a result of heat and irradiation
treatment and due to shortages, the London Blue color
is sometimes considered more valuable.

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December Birthstone- Tanzanite

 december birthstoneTanzanite is considered a secondary birthstone for December. It is also the official gemstone of the 24th wedding anniversary.

Color: An equal balance of blue and purple make the most striking tanzanite gemstone.  Lesser quality stones have a stronger presence of blue in their coloring.  In its raw state, tanzanite has a reddish- brown hue, it is only after the stone is heated that the rich violet shade emerges.

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Christmas Fashion Tip: Combining Red with Black for Sexy Sophistication

If you are looking to add some red to your wardrobe this holiday season, you’ll love this Christmas fashion tip.

Combine it with black to create a sexy and sassy look!

Try a bright samba red, or a deeper and darker tone if your complexion is washed out by bright shades (like mine is ;D).

Leather or lace will look just as sexy and sophisticated when paired with a red top, red boots, and a hint of red on those lips.

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