Wanderlust Photo Spotlight ~ Photography of Trinidad

Trinidad is one of 2 islands that comprise the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.  It is located in the Caribbean near Venezuela.  It is home to lush rain forests, beautiful beaches, caves and hidden waterfalls, and the world’s largest turtles, the leather back sea turtles.  It is a perfect location for travel and adventure.

Through the eyes of Photographer Jeremy Pollack, Fat Frog Photography, we are able to see how  beautiful Trinidad truly is.

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Create Your Own Wanderlust Style

{by Crista Grasso, as seen in the March/April 2014 issue of Nearly Naked Magazine}

Incorporate treasures from all your travels in your home.  Can’t travel there yet?  There is no reason you can’t add some inspiration to your décor.

Just a few treasures is all your need- it doesn’t have to be overdone and filled with knick-knacks to represent your lust for a particular location or style.

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october fall foliage

October Fall Foliage-Photography by Jeremy Pollack

In certain parts of the country, October fall foliage brings us stunning and gorgeous colors.   October is associated with fall in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring in Southern Hemisphere.   Through the eyes of Photographer Jeremy Pollack, Fat Frog Photography, we are able to see how stunning October can truly be.

One of the most notable aspects of Fall are the gorgeous colors of the Fall foliage in New England.   Mid-Late October is when you can see most of the peak foliage and when the green leaves become overtaken with pockets of brilliant color. Read more

2-Day Concert Extravaganza- Never Enough Bret Michaels

All work and no play makes me a rather cranky girl and lately I have been feeling a little cranky, not to mention uninspired- not so good for someone who relies on inspiration to create new jewelry.  Clearly I needed a break and what better cure is there than to go on a 2 day concert extravaganza?  Now I am feeling renewed and more inspired than ever- thanks Bret Michaels! 😉

Here’s how a 1-night concert turned into an unexpected all nighter and fun-filled 2-day adventure.

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