Use Fashion Feng Shui to Transform Your Mind, Body and Spirit

{Interview by Crista Grasso- as seen in the March/April 2014 issue of Nearly Naked Magazine}

fashion feng shuiChristine Bove is a Stamford, CT based Feng Shui Expert, specializing in “feng shui for your mind, body, and home.”

She helps successful woman open their creative energies to flow into their environments, wardrobe, and mindset to improve their confidence, bring clarity to their future, and set them up for success.

We interviewed Christine to learn more about Fashion Feng Shui® and how it can transform your mind, body, and spirit- plus help make you look absolutely fabulous for the upcoming Spring season.


Interview with Christine Bove

What is Fashion Feng Shui®

Fashion Feng Shui® is an exclusive system to teach you how to dress in a way that supports your mind, body and spirit.

How did you come to be a Fashion Feng Shui expert®?  

I came across a gal name Evana Maggiore and she was teaching a class on Fashion Feng Shui. I followed her emails and discovered she was going to be in Connecticut so I signed up for the class. It was truly transformative for me, it’s way a big “aha” moment when I discovered my signature essence of Metal and Fire.

It was as if I finally put the pieces of the puzzle together and learned how to blend the two sides of my personality. I enjoyed the class so much that I decided to become certified as a Fashion Feng Shui® Facilitator.

fashion feng shuiWhat do you love so much about it?

I love teaching women how to create their unique style by helping them to understand who they are from the inside out. By asking simple questions about them, their interests, career, and lifestyle, I’m able to help them identify their signature essence.

Once they get the “aha, yes! that’s my style,” all the piece come together. They feel confident and excited to get dressed everyday. What follows from this moment is a transformation in their career, relationships, health and even finances.


How can it help you?

Many women struggle with their style with excuses about why they can’t dress a certain way. I discovered through my clients, it’s always an inner belief they have about themselves that holds them back.

An example, is I could never wear that!, Have you tried it on? No, ok once and it didn’t look good. Most of the time women don’t give  things a chance and working with an expert could help you give you a new perspective on how it can work for your body type.

How do you know which Fashion Feng Shui® essence you are? 

To determine your Fashion Feng Shui® Essence- Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, or Metal, take the quiz in blog post tomorrow.  It will help you to get clear on your true self as it relates to your style.

You are not only one element, but rather two or three.  It sometimes can feel as if we are all the elements but you will find two that repeatedly show up in all areas of your life.

Notes from Crista

Are your ready to  improve your confidence, bring clarity to your future, and set yourself up for success with Christine’s Your Fashion Feng Shui Style tips?

I know I am!  🙂

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