Find True Love & Deep Intimacy – A Love Puzzle Part 1

{by Relationship Expert, Barry Price as seen in the February 2014 issue of Nearly Naked Magazine}

In this month of love, I always encounter women who feel lonely. Single women, like Jen, who has a great job as a junior executive, owns her own house, and has plenty of friends but no man to share her life with.

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But also women in relationships. Women like Samantha, who has been with her man for nine years but still feels as if she’s alone. Whether you’re trying to date, or already involved you’ve probably run into the wall. The emotional intimacy wall.

Sure men will spend time around you, maybe date, and definitely have physical sexual intimacy (at least at first), but what gives with men shutting down when it comes to deep emotional intimacy along with passion?

Well, as a professional dating and relationship mentor (and a guy who’s been a guy his whole life) let me share the secret with you. Here’s the reason you haven’t been getting the emotional intimacy and togetherness you’ve been longing for from a partner: you haven’t put the pieces of your Love Puzzle together.

There are 7 puzzle pieces you need to create the relationship you dream of, so here they are:

thumbnail (3)#1 Authenticity. Yours inspires theirs.

It’s only when you are being truly authentically yourself that you will attract and allow a man to be the same with you.

This piece includes not lying to yourself. Not convincing yourself to ignore your intuition. Not biting your tongue when you feel something’s wrong. Not putting your needs second for fear he’ll leave you.

Trust that the ones who leave when you are truly yourself, aren’t the ones who are meant for you.

# 2 It’s not him, its YOU.

Women who aren’t ready for a real relationship hate hearing this one. Blaming men for the problems we encounter with dating and relationships is easier. Heck, it’s even fun!

My most popular program is “Date Men, Not Boys” for heaven’s sake! But the truth (and you want the truth, right? so you can grow and experience more and deeper love) is that your own beliefs, attitudes and behavior patterns are why you have a man problem.

Sure there are jerks out there… but why do YOU keep attracting them while other women are happily married? Yes, there are plenty of women who are happily married. So what’s going on here?

Or perhaps your pattern is attracting what seems like a great guy and relationship, only to see him and the relationship change once commitment comes up. Suddenly that great guy isn’t so great. When it happens in multiple relationships, it’s time to stop and look at ourselves.

#3 Change your relationship with yourself and you WILL change your relationships with men.

The great news is that you are not a victim in this. Because you are in control of your own beliefs, attitudes, actions and behavior you can choose ones that support you getting the relationship you dream of, or making your relationship better than ever.

Want to know the other 4 pieces of the Love Puzzle?  Check out next month’s issue of Nearly Naked Magazine for Part 2.

Do you agree with Barry Price on finding true love and deep intimacy?

Do you have any advice you like to share who are still searching for love?

Please share you comments below. 


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