Fire Up Your Wardrobe for a Sexier More Confident You!

{by Feng Shui Expert, Christine Bove– as seen in the January 2014 issue of Nearly Naked Magazine}


Sexy.  What does that really mean?  It means having confidence, loving yourself, being playful and having fun with life.

Do you shy away from particular articles of clothing thinking they will make you look too sexy or even trampy?

Your problem is your mindset and your false beliefs: “sexy is for the young gals,” “sexy is only for skinny girls,” “sexy is only for single girls looking to find their mate.”

If you can relate to these beliefs it’s time to trash them and create a new perspective.

I am sexy because I am confident, beautiful and know how to have fun.

In Fashion Feng Shui®, The Pleasure Seeker essence AKA “Fire Girl” is all about being sassy, sexy and fun, but not every gal is the Fire girl. Although everyone has the Fire essence in them it’s all about learning how to bring in their Fire essence to match their original essence of Water, Wood, Metal or Earth.

To embrace your sexy self doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy an entire new wardrobe.

First, you need to love your style and own it.  Once you do that mentally and emotionally, then it’s all about simply tweaking your wardrobe. In Fashion Feng Shui®, we discuss that each element has energetic design elements such as color, patterns, fabric, etc. The fire element can be implemented into your existing wardrobe.

Let me show you 4 great ways to incorporate the “fire sexy essence” into your wardrobe that is comfortable for you.

1. Color is an easy way to add fire and sexiness.  Red, fuchsia, pink and scarlet colors represent the fire energy.  This red hand bag is a simple addition that embodies the fire essence. A bright red handbag will attract attention.  This is ideal if you are trying to be seen or recognized in any way. Affirm that you are ready to be seen.

fire up your wardrobe

2. Pointed toe shoes and sleek stiletto heels are a sure fire way to bring out the sexy girl. Just slipping on your heels shifts your energy from ho-hum to sexy and powerful! Pair with a cute sweater dress or even some fitted slacks and watch out, you will be in charge.

fire up your wardrobe

3. Leopard and animal prints all represent the fire element so if dressing sexy is still new to you, just add a touch of animal prints and watch how your wardrobe will pop! This leopard belt is subtle yet perfect.  This is ideal paired with a black or burgundy sweater or even dark denim jeans. Just one bold piece can easily bring out your sexy side.

fire up your wardrobe

4. If the first three suggestions still feel a bit intimidating then let’s look at what’s underneath!  Want to add a little sexiness, simply fire up your panties! Yes, the fire element doesn’t always have to be seen, sexy lingerie works wonders. A red pair of lacy panties can give you that sexy feeling without anyone know your little secret.

fire up your wardrobe

These easy steps should help you get your mind wrapped around what you can do to bring your sexy out.  It doesn’t take much time or money to add a few of the essential elements to bring out the fire! You may even have these pieces already in your closet. Now is the time to actually wear them.  

Let this be the start of the sexy you in this new year.

Are you ready to Fire Up Your Wardrobe to bring our your inner Fire Essence? I know I am!

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