Gemstone Feature -Emerald the Birthstone for May

Known as the stone to enhance unconditional love and unity in relationships, Emerald is the is the birthstone for May and the 20th anniversary gemstone.

This stunning stone comes in a variety of sparkling green  hues, some with a yellowish tint; others bluish.

birthstone for maySource:  

Mainly Zambia, Brazil, and Colombia. It has also been found in many countries, including Russia, Australia, Austria, Norway, and the US. Colombian “trapiche” varieties are rare.

Age:  It is associated with the Pharaoh Sesser’s III, at around 2000 BCE.

Family:  Beryl


Hardness:  7.5-8 on the Mohs scale

birthstone for may

thumbnailGemstone Properties/Healing Properties:

An emerald’s myriad powers have been revered throughout the ages. Ancients believed it gives foresight to its wearer, brings luck, faith, and clarity to discover whom to trust, as well as heightening intelligence and memory.

Health-wise it’s said to assist eye problems, prevent convulsions, promote mental stability, help with spine ailments, work to counteract the effects of poisons, and assist with neurological disorders.


birthstone for may


Fun Facts/Stories:  

Cleopatra was a collector of emeralds and Indian moguls collected them as talismans, many of which are displayed in museums today.

Emeralds were used by seers in the Middle Ages to foretell the future and cure a variety of ailments.

The Emerald is one of my favorite gemstones!  Do you have a favorite?

Please share you comments below. 


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