Glamour + Metal Documentary Coming Soon

Are you ready to take a ride with the GlamourMetal gals?  We film our Glamour + Metal Documentary in NYC on 9/12!

This is just the beginning to your success in personal branding.

So what is personal branding and why should you find it important?

Personal Branding is how you present yourself to the world, your reputation, personal style, and how you choose to show up every day in life.  It also has to do with how people react to you, why others may hire you, and how abundance is attracted into your life.

In The Glamour + Metal Documentary we will be exploring lots of the topics we discuss in the quiz.

• What Personal Branding is + How it Breathes Success
• Shopping + Style Tips, Even for Beginners
• Expert Interviews With 3 Trendsetters
• How Expressing Your Individuality Opens You Up to Greater Cash Flow
• What’s Blocking You from Abundance- An Up Close + Personal Look
• + more!

We want to encourage you to relish in the information we share with you, on this blog and through our email newsletters, and take your personal brand seriously… but not too serious! We want you to have fun with your fashion sense, personal style, and accessorizing.  Adorn your body with what represents you, your originality, and your individuality.

What is Glamour + Metal?

A GlamourMetal girl is a think-for-yourself kinda woman who thinks copycatting is so last season.

She embraces her rebellious nature in her personal style and in business. With her quick wit and go-getter attitude, this over-achiever is a trendsetter at heart. She isn’t one to jump on the fad train or hang around with the wallflowers; she’s got places to go and people to see!

Her personal style shows the world who she is: original, bold and beautiful. Behind her exterior is a fierce businesswoman who is pushing the envelope, breaking the rules, daring to be different, and thinking for herself.

The GlamourMetal girl is ready to show the world exactly who she is no matter what it takes to embrace her individuality.

Are you a GlamourMetal Gal?

Take the Quiz to Find Out and Win Fabulous Prizes

Are you ready to join the GlamourMetal girls on a stylish ride to discovering your personal brand?

We encourage you to take the quiz!


When you take the GlamourMetal Quiz, you will also be entered to win an assortment of prizes:


Enjoy a $100 shopping spree to the Nearly Naked jewelry boutique for body chains, naked sandals, and metal jewelry to edge up your look, as well as a personal shopping session with Crista to select the perfect Nearly Naked jewelry to show off your signature style.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW in cutting-edge magazine courtesy of

You’ll receive a 1-page spread and interview in Holistic Fashionista Magazine where you can show off your personal style in the Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes segment.


Learn the key elements to Fashion Feng Shui® to help determine the right style for you with Christine’s 1 hour session.

Meet the GlamourMetal Gals

Angel Quintana is the Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Holistic Fashionista, a media company specializing in brand building for small business pioneers. She works with Rebels, Tastemakers, and Visionaries who are ready to ditch the copycat syndrome, play by their own rules, and curate a sustainable, profitable brand. From conception to execution, she uses her innate talent in technology blended with impeccable design and marketing skills to craft a memorable brand that stands out. Holistic Fashionista offers innovative marketing campaigns to their partners and merchants. To learn more about how you can work with Angel and become part of the growing Holistic Fashionista Network, write, host your own TV or Radio Show, please visit

Fun Facts:

  • Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chip (but I prefer vanilla frozen yogurt with peanuts!)
  • Coffee or Tea: Tea (Chai or Mint)
  • Favorite Drink: Almalfi Coast Cooler (fennel bitters, Jameson, lemon + lime, splash of grapefruit soda)
  • Favorite Hobby: Flea Market Shopping, Healthy Lunches with Gal Pals
  • Style: Egyptian Boho, vintage, 70’s, kaftans + kimonos, ethnic jewelry

Feng Shui expert, Christine Bove, inspires women to allow creative energies to flow into their environments, images and mindsets to improve their confidence, bring clarity to their future and set them up for success. Christine has spent most of her life studying and enjoying fashion and design and ultimately found her passion with the unexpected career as a Feng Shui expert. Feng Shui has not only worked hand in hand with her bent toward fashion and design but it has also suited her strong intuitive side that is a key element in Feng Shui. Christine has the ability to see beyond her client’s words and look into the deeper layer to begin true healing. Christine uses Feng Shui to create a mindset for success while also organizing and beautifying your space to create an image that reflects your personal style. Christine is a frequent guest on various national and international radio and internet programs. You can also see Christine in Fashionista Holistic Magazine where she is a contributing writer. To learn more visit

Fun Facts:

  • Ice Cream Flavor: Peanut Butter Cup
  • Coffee or Tea: Tea
  • Favorite Drink: Sangria
  • Favorite Hobby: Dancing or Making something cool
  • Style: I am Fire, Metal, Water. Sexy, Elegant and Mysterious. I love structure and form fitting clothes that compliment my curves. I love my heels and jewelry that make a statement.

Crista Grasso is the Founder, Designer, and Editor-in-Chief of Nearly Naked, a lifestyle brand dedicated to helping women look and feel sexy, beautiful, and irresistible at any age or size.  Be a little risqué, a little unexpected, and completely captivating! Our original Nearly Naked jewelry line includes naked sandal foot jewelry (aka barefoot sandals), bracelet-ring handpieces, hairpieces, body chains and belly chains. Our Nearly Naked magazine features tips on how look and feel your sensual best, and express your own unique style. Check out the Nearly Naked online jewelry boutique Are you ready to go nearly naked?

Fun Facts:

  • Ice Cream Flavor: Coffee Heath Bar Crunch
  • Coffee or Tea: Espresso!
  • Favorite Drink: Sangria
  • Favorite Hobby: Other than making jewelry, rocking out at a Bret Michaels Concert
  • Style: Eclectic, Boho Elegance with an edge

Join the Journey

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You can also follow along on our Facebook page, as we post real-time photos as we film the documentary.

xoxo Crista, Christine & Angel

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  1. Elaine Wellman
    Elaine Wellman says:

    I can’t WAIT to see what you three awesome chicks put together with this doc! Kudos to you for coming up with a fresh approach a la the doc format and your vision about creating a personal brand style that translate into your business brand. I love this!


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