Have an Amazing Bikini Body All Year Round

{by Fitness Expert, Anna Price- as seen in the May/June Issue of Nearly Naked Magazine} 

amazing bikini bodySummer is around the corner, so it’s time to shine, and rock what your mama gave you!

Slip on a stunning Nearly Naked body jewelry piece, and show off your beautiful body—freely and confidently at the beach, this summer.

I vividly remember the first time I saw my chubby butt in a family photo at the beach. I was sitting on a blanket (eating, of course) wearing a bathing suit with fashionable holes on the sides which showcased my not so lovely love handles that were spilling out of my suit.

I was sifting through the pictures from our trip, and I turned to my mom and said, “hey, who’s that chubby girl sitting with us under our umbrella?”


This was definitely a “light bulb” moment…a blinding one! I didn’t even recognize myself…I had NO idea I had let myself go, and that picture was my wake up call.

From that day forward, my mission was to not only to honor myself and get back into shape, but to do whatever it took to do the same for others.

While you’re on your body transformation journey, remember that you’re ALREADY HEALTHY, WHOLE, and COMPLETE, JUST AS YOU ARE.

I know for some of you, it’s hard to hear, and you don’t believe it.  So, for now, borrow my belief in you, and boldly unleash your inner and outer sexy.

Accept it, you ARE sexy, super sexy…take it in.  Now, let her come out to play!

Here is one of my favorite bikini (plus wedding and red carpet) body exercises that targets your arms, abs, chest, back, butt and thighs in one shot.

The Plank Twist

Perform this exercise 20 times on each side (beginners start with 5-10 reps). Do 1-3 rounds every day or every other day, then increase the speed—only with perfect form.  Push the envelope, while still remaining sensitive to your limits.


  1. Start in a downward dog position, and if you need to, rest your knees on the floor.
  2. Lift your leg up to the ceiling (as high as you can with your knee straight) and contract your butt.

amazing bikini body

3. Bend your right knee and sweep it toward your chest. Shift your weight slightly forward, so your hands are directly over your shoulders.

4. Lift your leg back up toward the ceiling as high as you can (draw your navel into your spine) and shift your weight back so your hips move back toward your heels.

amazing bikini body


  1. Follow the same starting position as above. Instead of sweeping your knee to your chest, perform a a knee twist (knee to opposite elbow—bending both elbows slightly), rotate your hip and drop it toward the floor, without touching the floor.
    amazing bikini body
  2. Extend your leg straight out to the side in a diagonal position.  For an extra balance and core stability challenge, tap your hand on your tummy and then back to the floor, or, tap your belly then extend your arm straight out to the side before placing it back down on the floor.
    amazing bikini body
For more exercises like this or information about my Workout and Work-in Method™, go to annaprice.com/contact and apply to speak with me, personally (free of charge).  

I’d love to help you get to the bottom of your body challenges. 🙂

amazing bikini body
Anna Price is a leader in the area of Fitness and Self-Care. In her 20 years as a health and fitness professional and now life coach, she has helped thousands of women internationally get the body they want, and keep it that way.

She uses a unique combination of the latest techniques in fitness, fat burning and self-care practices that don’t consume you, with an emphasis on learning how to put your needs first, regardless of how busy you are.

For more information about Anna and her programs and services, visit her website at: www.annaprice.com.



Do you have an favorite exercise that helps get you an amazing bikini body all year round?  We would love to know it!!

Please share you comments below. 


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