Lifestyle Makeover for a Successful New Year

by Nearly Naked Magazine Feng Shui Expert, Christine Bove
as seen in the December 2013 issue of Nearly Naked Magazine.

Now that you have created a lifestyle makeover with your closet, use these great tips that will help you improve your subconscious mind and confidence by creating a closet full of clothes that honor who you are and where you are headed.

Now it’s time to create a fabulous wardrobe!

lifestyle makeoverSo what is the magic formula for that?

First, take inventory of what is left in your closet. Be sure these are items you love, flatter your figure and suite your lifestyle.

Before we get to the shopping part, I recommend giving your closet a full cleaning.  Yep, vacuum it, paint it a fabulous rockin’ color, buy new hangers and organizational items for your accessories and shoes.

The key to your closet is setting it up to meet your organizing needs.

Some people prefer color coordinating, other’s like hanging similar items together, i.e. short sleeves, long sleeves, skirts, dresses, etc.


I truly believe it’s all a personal preference. One thing I do recommend regardless is putting the items you use on an everyday basis right in front for easy access.

Store items you use once in awhile on upper shelves and off to the side. Remember out of sight out of mind.  I recommend labeling items that are in boxes, take pictures and tape them to the front of the box.

Once you’ve cleaned out your closet and organized it to your liking the key is putting in clothes you love.

So now the magic formula for what to buy.

lifestyle makeover

First the key is to get clear on your lifestyle, where do you spend most your time, work, kids, working out, going out with friends?

You need to dress for your lifestyle, there’s no point in having 8 pairs of dress shoes when you only wear 2 a month.

If you spend your days wearing jeans, and  occasionally go out you don’t need 10 fancy evening bags, and so on.

The first step is getting clear on where you spend most of your time.

Now consider your style, do you love pants, dresses, boots, flats, etc? What are you goals, a new job, being more active, starting a family, finding your true love?

The clearer you can be on who you are and where you are going, the better you will set up a wardrobe for success.

The key is having a wardrobe full of clothes ideal for your lifestyle so you can be ready for any occasion. As I tell my clients, if you are waiting for the big date or a TV appearance is that outfit in your closet  and ready to go?

Next, get excited yet realistic about shopping!

lifestyle makeoverKnow that it takes time to build a fabulous wardrobe so don’t expect to find it in one weekend!

Be clear about what you value and what you need – good shoes? The perfect pant in every color? Sexy lingerie?

You want to spend money wisely, so if shoes are important spend money there, but save money on tank tops and accessories.  Be open to shopping at a different store.

Nowadays is all about finding the store that cuts for your body type. I teach clients that stores change their style every season so one season your favorite store might have the perfect t-shirt and the next season their t-shirts fit you all wrong!

Please note, you are not crazy and there’s nothing wrong with your body! It’s the designers they try to be creative instead of functional.

Don’t get upset, just recognize that it takes time. Once you find items you love, I recommend you buy one, try it out, wear it and wash it – because that is the true test!

If after one wash it still holds its shape and color go back and buy it in everycolor! I’m telling you, it won’t be there next season! This is true for most items, but especially true for the perfect t-shirt since they are so hard to find.

Another key tip is to make sure you shop when in you are in a good mood and during off-peak hours.  And don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Here’s the rule of thumb, you don’t take it home unless you love it, it feels good and it fits your budget.  Be sure to always ask the return policy, so if you go home and change your mind you can return it right away.

Always keep the tags on and the receipt in your bag until you know you love it and are going to keep it.  By following these rules you will save yourself money, time and stress.

An organized closet will improve your subconscious mind, improve your confidence since you know you have a closet full of clothes that honor who you are and where you are headed.

You will be prepared for any occasion.  And getting dressed every day will become that much easier.

Now, get going!  Set your closet up for success and watch your personal success flow!

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Do you plan to start the new year with a Lifestyle Makeover?

Do you have lifestyle tips that make you a success?

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