Loving Your Body Starts by Learning to Love Yourself

by Nearly Naked Magazine Health and Wellness Expert, Wendy Darling
as seen in the October/November 2013 Issue of Nearly Naked Magazine

loving your bodyIf you were to take off your clothes, look at yourself in the mirror (nearly) naked…..how would you FEEL?  What thoughts would you have?

It hurts my heart how many people have become overly self-conscious about their bodies.  First, there is WAY too much attention being placed on the way a body ‘should’ look in our society.  The media is constantly bombarding us with images of a singular body type (with the rare exception of companies like Dove’s campaign for ‘real’ women).

In fact, it has been shown that the models of today are drastically underweight, while the Plus size models are actually an average weight.  No wonder so many people feel inadequate!  How many of us can realistically look like a model?  Besides…we were not designed to all look alike.

However, this emphasis has also resulted in women experiencing deep feelings of inadequacy.  And unfortunately, I believe poor body image is one of the most common and undiagnosed issues women and men face today.  And it deeply saddens me how this is robbing people not just of their health, but their happiness.

I remember speaking with a client who felt ashamed of her body.  Instead of joining her husband and children to swim in the ocean, she would watch from a distance. After a conversation with me, she realized that no one else had any attention on her body.  She was robbing herself of the joy of playing with her children, enjoying the ocean air, and simply having a great time. And something ‘clicked’ and she decided to take a chance and went swimming with her family. She discovered a new sense of freedom, and interestingly enough, she began releasing some of the weight she had been holding onto.loving your body

I have had conversations with women who won’t date because of the way they ‘perceive’ they look (and many of these women are actually of normal weight and very attractive).  It’s affecting how people feel about being intimate.  It’s robbing people of their self-confidence and self-worth! It continues to feed into the ‘something is wrong with me.”

And, yes….something is VERY wrong with what has happened and it’s time to do something about that.  It’s time to realize that you have been BRAINWASHED to believing you need to LOOK a certain way to be attractive, to be ‘enough.’

loving your bodyIt’s time to end the suffering.  It’s time to celebrate that beautiful, special and wonderful body of yours!

So what can you do to start loving your body?

Find out by reading the full article by Wendy Darling in the October/November issue on page 76 of Nearly Naked Magazine.


Note from Crista:

I’d love to hear what you think.  Do you Love your Body?

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