Have an Amazing Bikini Body All Year Round

{by Fitness Expert, Anna Price- as seen in the May/June Issue of Nearly Naked Magazine} 

amazing bikini bodySummer is around the corner, so it’s time to shine, and rock what your mama gave you!

Slip on a stunning Nearly Naked body jewelry piece, and show off your beautiful body—freely and confidently at the beach, this summer.

I vividly remember the first time I saw my chubby butt in a family photo at the beach. I was sitting on a blanket (eating, of course) wearing a bathing suit with fashionable holes on the sides which showcased my not so lovely love handles that were spilling out of my suit.

I was sifting through the pictures from our trip, and I turned to my mom and said, “hey, who’s that chubby girl sitting with us under our umbrella?”

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3 Simple Exercises to Get a Sexy Beach Ready Body

Beach BodySwimwear season is just around the corner.  Want to look sexy and confident in you new sexy swimsuit or bikini?

Do these 3 simple exercises from from fitness expert, Anna Price!  

They will tone and tighten your abs, butt and thighs, and it only takes 10-15 minutes! The best part, is that you can do these in the privacy of your own home…nearly naked, of course.

Perform each of these 3 exercises 20 times, take a 1-2 minute stretch break between rounds then repeat.  Work up to 3-4 rounds.  For optimal results, perform 3 times/week.

In addition, eat a healthy balanced diet, create more opportunities to move more throughout your day, add 1 or 2 30 minute high intensity cardio sessions, and 1 yoga or pilates class per week.

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Feel Sexy and Confident About Your Body

{by Fitness Expert, Anna Price as seen in the February 2014 issue of Nearly Naked Magazine}

feel sexyWhether you’re planning on baring it all this Valentines Day for you honey, or you want to feel confident wearing just a sports bra and cute capris at the gym, I’ve got the moves for you.

These exercises will tighten and tone your “trouble spots” and define your lines, so you never have to hide under your towel in the locker room again!

“My thighs could be thinner,” “my abs could be flatter,” “my ass could be tighter and higher.”

These are the common complaints I get, and while I’m a HUGE advocate of learning to love your body at every shape and size, I do have a few secret weapons to share that solve my clients “how do I get rid of this?” (while grabbing their stomach bulge) problem.

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Transform your Tush in 4 Simple Steps

{by Fitness Expert, Anna Price– as seen in the January 2014 issue of Nearly Naked Magazine}

This year, strut your beautiful butt with these top 4 exercises that will transform your tush into a complete head turner.

Head Turner #1 – Speed Squats:

transform your tush

  1. Stand straight a foot away from the front of a chair or bench.
  2. Feet slightly wider than hip width distance apart.
  3. Place your index fingers on the crease of the front of your hips (one finger on each hip)
  4. Hinge forward from your hips (sandwiching your fingers at your hips) with a straight back, abs pulled in.
  5. Squat down, tap your sit bones on the front edge of the chair, knees in line with your toes.
  6. Stand up, drive up through your heels, point your tailbone to the floor.

Perform 20 reps quickly, with good form.

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Being Sexy and Confident Starts with You!

By Nearly Naked Magazine’s Fitness Expert, Anna Price-– as seen in the October/November 2013 issue of Nearly Naked Magazine

10-28-2013 12-06-23 PMRecently, I asked a client why it was important that she get in shape now, and she surprisingly said, “I know the right answer is because I want to feel strong and healthy, and live long enough to see my grandkids grow up…blah, blah, blah.

Don’t get me wrong, this is important to me, but what I *really* need right now is to look great naked.

I just started dating again, and I really like this guy, but I’m dreading the moment he sees me naked for the first time.”

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