Eliminate Belly Bloat This Summer

by Lifestyle Makeover Artist, Christine Bové, as seen in Issue 6 of Nearly Naked Magazine.

Summer is on its way and it’s time to show your sexy curves! Whether you’re wearing your bathing suit, body chains, or summer dresses, you need to make sure you are not having the “bloated belly syndrome!”

When you are bloated it’s a clear sign you’re eating the wrong foods, from wheat, gluten, sugar to dairy, these foods can wreak havoc on your digestive track.

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A Fashion Feng Shui Quiz to Determine Your Primary Essence

(by Feng Shui Expert, Christine Bove– as seen in the March/April issue of Nearly Naked Magazine.}

In our last blog post we interviewed Feng Shui expert, Christine Bove, to learn more about Fashion Feng Shui ® and how we can use it to create our own unique style.

Now that you know what Fashion Feng Shui ® is, lets determine your primary essence to get clear on your true self as it relates to your style.

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Use Fashion Feng Shui to Transform Your Mind, Body and Spirit

{Interview by Crista Grasso- as seen in the March/April 2014 issue of Nearly Naked Magazine}

fashion feng shuiChristine Bove is a Stamford, CT based Feng Shui Expert, specializing in “feng shui for your mind, body, and home.”

She helps successful woman open their creative energies to flow into their environments, wardrobe, and mindset to improve their confidence, bring clarity to their future, and set them up for success.

We interviewed Christine to learn more about Fashion Feng Shui® and how it can transform your mind, body, and spirit- plus help make you look absolutely fabulous for the upcoming Spring season.

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Fire Up Your Wardrobe for a Sexier More Confident You!

{by Feng Shui Expert, Christine Bove– as seen in the January 2014 issue of Nearly Naked Magazine}


Sexy.  What does that really mean?  It means having confidence, loving yourself, being playful and having fun with life.

Do you shy away from particular articles of clothing thinking they will make you look too sexy or even trampy?

Your problem is your mindset and your false beliefs: “sexy is for the young gals,” “sexy is only for skinny girls,” “sexy is only for single girls looking to find their mate.”

If you can relate to these beliefs it’s time to trash them and create a new perspective.

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2013 Holiday Gift Guide- Spiritual Gifts

Do you have a yoga enthusiast or spiritual person on your list? They will love these unique Chakra and Spiritual themed gifts.

Chakra Gifts- Balance your Chakras with these limited edition and handmade artisan bookmarks and suncatchers- perfect for any collectors of unique handmade gifts. Made in CT.

Below you will find 3 spiritual gifts than any spiritual person will love!

spiritual giftsChakra Ohm Shanti SunCatcher

This gorgeous Charkra crystal sun catcher can double as a rear view mirror hanger, or can be hung from your cabinet pulls or tree.  A beautiful filigree circle center and ohm charm compliment the rainbow chakra colored crystals.  When the light hits them, it creates a beautiful shimmering rainbow all over the walls and ceiling!

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A Lifestyle Makeover Starts with Your Closet

by Nearly Naked Magazine Feng Shui Expert, Christine Bove, as seen in the October/November 2013 issue of Nearly Naked Magazine Feng Shui Your Closet

What are the benefits of cleaning out your closet? In Feng Shui your closet represents your subconscious mind. Sound scary? I know, and the most significant closet of all is your wardrobe closet.

You know, the one that you visit everyday with great joy or great fear? You can learn a lot about a person by just looking in their closet.  Whether it is cluttered or organized, your closet needs to be reviewed seasonally and especially around life changes.

In Feng Shui, the energy of your space is either supporting or draining you. So, as you set out to make changes in your life from career, health, wealth and love, you always want to check in with your closet. Are the clothes in the closet supporting your new goals? Is there space for that new you? Do you have outfits for every occasion:  Fun, sexy, work clothes, work out clothes and big events?

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Glamour + Metal Documentary Coming Soon

Are you ready to take a ride with the GlamourMetal gals?  We film our Glamour + Metal Documentary in NYC on 9/12!

This is just the beginning to your success in personal branding.

So what is personal branding and why should you find it important?

Personal Branding is how you present yourself to the world, your reputation, personal style, and how you choose to show up every day in life.  It also has to do with how people react to you, why others may hire you, and how abundance is attracted into your life.

In The Glamour + Metal Documentary we will be exploring lots of the topics we discuss in the quiz. Read more

So What is a Trunk Show, Anyway?

The term trunk show has been growing increasingly popular the past few years.  I frequently get asked by jewelry customers, family and friends “What is a Trunk Show?” so here is some fun info on the types of trunk shows that are most popular and the types of trunk shows that AmberTortoise Jewelry hosts.

What is a Trunk Show?

In the fashion and jewelry world, trunk shows are VIP “sneak peek” events.

A designer shows up at a venue, often a small boutique, carrying trunks of items from their latest collection – hence the name.

A select group of invited attendees will peruse the trunks, talk one-on-one with the designer, and perhaps walk away with a bargain or two.

Trunk shows last for a limited time – from a few hours to a couple of days. Often, there will be finger food and beverages, adding to the fun party atmosphere.

At a trunk show, you get the opportunity to view the entire line from a designer, instead of just the select pieces the boutique has in stock. You’re also able to talk to the designer about their products and gain that personal connection to items you purchase. And you may even get the chance to snap up new designs that haven’t even been released yet.

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