Wanderlust Photo Spotlight ~ Photography of Trinidad

Trinidad is one of 2 islands that comprise the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.  It is located in the Caribbean near Venezuela.  It is home to lush rain forests, beautiful beaches, caves and hidden waterfalls, and the world’s largest turtles, the leather back sea turtles.  It is a perfect location for travel and adventure.

Through the eyes of Photographer Jeremy Pollack, Fat Frog Photography, we are able to see how  beautiful Trinidad truly is.

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Last Chance to Be A Modern Rebel- Jewelry Closeout Sale

resized3The modern-day rebel sets the trends and expresses her own individuality, our Modern Rebel Collection features silver chains that can be paired with absolutely anything for effortless style.

Although we will always be Modern Rebel’s at heart, it is time to retire this unique collection to make room for our new Beach & Resort collection.

Shop our Modern Rebel Collection now through 03/17 for your last chance to own one of the 3 remaining styles– the Fringe Body Chain Necklace, the Arouse Body Chain Necklace, and the Silver Swirl Barefoot Sandals made from unique vintage chain.

Best of all, enjoy 20% off using code REBEL20 at checkout.
*Expires 3/17; only valid on pieces from the Modern Rebel Collection.

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Have a Love Affair With Your Body to Spice Up Your Love Life

{by Health & Wellness Expert, Wendy Darling– as seen in the January 2014 issue of Nearly Naked Magazine}

spice up your love lifeTypically February brings about feelings of love.  However, rarely does that include the love and appreciation we have for our bodies.

What if 2014 is dedicated to having a love affair and adventure with your body?

First, how about taking a closer look at what makes a love affair so special?  Typically a love affair has an air of newness that amplifies our senses, stirs our emotions and allows all of our hormones to be happy and have a really good time!  (The love and happiness factor are one of the best fat burners I’ve personally discovered.)

What if creating an adventure with your body is just the ingredient to help spice things up?

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